Workforce Employment Organization (OAED)

OAED is the responsible Organization for matching of the skills of the workforce with the needs of the economy, through the adaptation to the technological, institutional and economic changes that create a demand for new qualifications…


ThinkSmart is a Business Development enterprise, that applies for (semi public) funding, on behalf of new or existing businesses and acts as a consulting firm for them.

The People’s Trust

The People’s Trust, supports start-ups and existing businesses from all sectors. It provides microgrants, microloans and training.

Rhyme & Reason

Rhyme & Reason offers professional translation and interpretation services in over 100 language combinations, to help businesses survive in the global market and build lasting international relations.

Rezos Brands

Rezos Brands operates on the field of Nutrition and Healthy Food. Additionaly, Rezos Brands acts as an Adopter of new businesses and supports them until they achieve viability.

Patras Science Park

Patras Science Park (PSP) operates under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT). For over 30 years, PSP supports the growth of innovative, technology based companies across several sectors such as ICT…

π -Consulting

π-Consulting is a team specialised on business consulting, creating web pages and tools, research and training. Specializes in Lifelong learning projects, Research and experimental development services, Entrepreneurship Counseling…

Patras IQ

Patras IQ is an Innovation Transfer Event, organized annually since 2012. It is the meeting place of applied research and Industries, thus being the platform for new competitive products and services…

University Of Peloponesse Dept. ECE Director of eBusiness Lab

eBusiness Lab of the Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering of the Univ. of Peloponnese offers education at undergraduate and postgraduate level, but also reseaerch & development on e-Business, Re-Skilling, Smart retail, Business analytics and insights…

Orange Grove

Orange Grove is a platform that offers support to young entrepreneurs in Greece. It is a renowned initiative of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Athens and is financially supported by Dutch-Greek businesses and grant-making foundations active in Greece.


OPTIONSNET is a rapidly developing IT service provider. Activated originally in the region of Western Greece,the company was established mainly due to its high quality standards for a range of services and technological solutions.

NBG Business Seeds

NBG Business Seeds is an integrated program designed to foster innovative and export-oriented entrepreneurship.

It includes actions that aim at showcasing innovative ideas and projects, training and mentoring teams, and providing infrastructures, networking and financing.

MPDO Consultants

MPDO is a new boutique consulting firm that provides specialized financial and operational restructuring services, promotes innovation and leads SMEs and NGOs transformation.


MOSAIC’s Primary Objective is the promotion, the empowerment, the capacity building, the audience development and the extroversion of cultural and creative organisations in Greece…


A Global professional Network bringing together startups, entrepreneurs, service providers and investors by making use of smart algorithms and AI technologies.


A Global professional Network bringing together startups, entrepreneurs, service providers and investors by making use of smart algorithms and AI technologies.

Action Finance Initiative

Action Finance Inititiative (AFI) is a microfinance not-for-profit Company with a mission to: Fund entrepreneurs, who do not have access to credit from mainstream banks, especially the unemployed and people on welfare…


Business Plan “Εαρ Art Studio” concerns “M.A. school of performing arts” which provides dance training to kids aged 4 to 18 on performing arts and organizes open events. Through these trainings the young kids learn how to use their bodies and movements to express themselves.


Patras Children’s Carnival is an institution that is growing more and more in our city. The interest of the participants is growing and more and more of them are looking for ideas, solutions and products ready to buy…


The sea has always been a very important element of Greek society and culture. Tourism is the main pillar of support for the Greek economy. The business plan refers to the creation of a model water sports learning center and water games exploitation center.


The company “Enjoy West” intends to be active in the field of travel agency services, through the provision of personalized travel plans and experiences of Alternative and Cultural Tourism in Patras, the Region of Western Greece and neighboring areas.


PIVOT // Picture-Voice-Text is an Urban Non-Profit Company founded in Patras in March 2021. Its activity revolves around the use of innovative technological applications in the field of culture…


Our business idea concerns the partnership of architecture and crafts through the creation of models, with the help of new technologies and with emphasis on architectural works – landmarks of Achaia.


The Business Plan concerns a personal company called ‘To Remember’ which aspires to develop its activity in the market of Patras Carnival and Patras in general.


“IRIAN women bags for innovators” aims to be active in the field of women’s accessories and specifically the women’s bag. The company will concern the design, manufacture, packaging and promotion of women’s custom made bags…


HAG Patras will be a new company that will be active in the field of cultural tourism, focusing on the geographical area of Patras and in the future in the wider region of Western Greece. HAG Patras (Heritage, Art /Architecture, Gastronomy from Patras)…


POLIKATIKIA.GR is an automated building management software that promotes digital transformation of building management companies. It is a market place that aims to have offer new services to building managers and property owners.


The main activity of the the “flamigos” company is the modeling and distribution of 3D printing products and services through an e-commerce platform and physical installations. Any idea of ​​the customer can be studied and implemented…


Mōrēs” is a cultural marketing boutique that deals with the ideation, purpose and execution of communication projects, cultural events and festivals, product launches, audience development and “platforms for people”…


Αιthra Spirits promotes Greek Culture, gastronomy and local products through its refined products based on respect for the environment but also with the look at innovation…


Rubik’s is a company on the health side of the food sector. Rubik’s promotes healthy food products such as nutbutters (almond-butter, peanut-butter, hazelnut-butter), sugar-free and gluten-free granolas, protein bars and many more.


Talent Miner’ is a platform for connecting innovative tech companies and startups with graduates and professionals, so that by using new information technologies, machine learning and gamification…