Lebanon's Network

The Nawaya Network

The Nawaya Network works with youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to improve their livelihoods through entrepreneurship and employability programs.

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Vitas S.A.L

Vitas Group created by Global Communities is a for-profit holding company that operates a network of microfinance companies, predominantly in the Middle East. We are a unique group of companies with more than twenty years of proven track record…

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Al Majmouaa

Al Majmoua is an independent, Lebanese non-governmental organization, initially created as a micro-credit program by Save the Children in 1994 to finance low-income women entrepreneurs.

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Safadi Foundation

The mission of Safadi Foundation is to empower vulnerable communities in Lebanon, with a focus on women and youth, to find sustainable solutions that will enable them to play a participatory role in the country’s national development process.

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