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PIVOT // Picture-Voice-Text is an Urban Non-Profit Company founded in Patras in March 2021. Its activity revolves around the use of innovative technological applications in the field of culture, with two main axes: I) The digitization, documentation and promotion of cultural and historical archives and the production of cultural goods and services; II) Enhancing citizens’ accessibility to cultural services and products through the use of digital media.

Based on its characteristics, PIVOT moves in three different markets, which present extremely interesting characteristics: • In the IT and innovation market that is at the forefront of economic growth in Greece and abroad. Within this sector the company is placed in the sub-sector of digitization and documentation services; • In the cultural and creative industries sector, which is a dynamically evolving industry across Europe. Within this sector the company is placed in the sub-sectors of digital products, printed and electronic book and audiovisual products and media; • In the field of companies with a strong social impact that in recent years have proven to be particularly attractive for attracting funds and partnerships.

Contractor’s name:

Eleni Gkika



Project / Company name:


Company creation date:

Activity area:

Digital, Cultural heritage

Activity description:

Social Impact Companies

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