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HAG Patras will be a new company that will be active in the field of cultural tourism, focusing on the geographical area of Patras and in the future in the wider region of Western Greece. HAG Patras (Heritage, Art /Architecture, Gastronomy from Patras) is based on the philosophy of developing synergies by creating a Destination Brand that will offer the town’s visitor the opportunity to experience local life through customized tours and memorabilia that focus on the cultural, architectural and gastronomic identity of the city.

The company’s services and products will be the result of carefully selected collaborations with a range of tour guides, designers, artists, skilled craftsmen, entrepreneurs, cultural institutions, etc., which will contribute in the development of thematic city tours and the creation of a small-scale and high-quality range of products inspired by what Patras has to offer.

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Dimitris Kasdaglis



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