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The Agricultural Development Association (PARC)

Business and Technology Incubator –BTI– was established in 2006 at the Islamic University of Gaza to be the centre of creativity and innovation within the university. BTI aims at revitalizing entrepreneurship and innovation in Palestine so that Palestinian entrepreneurs and youth can get their sustainable jobs via establishing their viable start-up businesses and SMEs thus will lead definitely to enhance the local economy and improve the life quality of the Palestinian people and contribute to the social and economic development and vice versa.

Since its establishment, BTI is currently one of the leading business star-up incubators in Palestine. BTI has implemented successfully different programs supported by different local and international partners achieving impressive results for job creation, start-ups incubation, and investment-matches made in all geographical areas of Gaza Strips.
BTI Main Programs:
– Incubation Program,
– Acceleration Program,
– Freelancing Program

Contact person:

Nawras Ateeq

Organization name:

The Agricultural Development Association (PARC)



Incubation / acceleration:


Loans / debt financing:

Equity investments:


Technichal training
Vocational training
Life skills
21st century skills
Risk sharing fund


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