Station J

Station J is not just another entrepreneurial hub or business incubator; our goal is to build an innovative ecosystem in Jerusalem that aims to give Palestinian entrepreneurs and youths access to a dynamic, diverse and vibrant entrepreneurial community.

The Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association – Asala

The Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association (Asala) has since foundation in 1997 worked on improving the economic and social levels of Palestinian women. Asala Company for Credit and Development was created for this purpose.

Reef Finance

Reef is a private but not for profi company, established in 2007, provides financial services mainly for income generating projects, in different economic sectors with special focus on agriculture.

Palestine Technical University – Khadouri Incubator (PTUK)

Innovation and Education Technology Center (IETC) works to disseminate Entrepreneurship and Innovation through implementation of activities and projects aimed to develop students’ abilities and skills necessary to enable them to turn their ideas to real projects.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit at Birzeit University

Fostering and facilitating entrepreneurial activities in Birzeit University by creating an open innovation platform for students, faculty, and staff to create and work on new ideas and design and implement initiatives that bolster the university’s innovation environment.

Palestine Polytechnic University Business Incubator (PPU)

Palestine Polytechnic University is leading the effort to create the first university business incubator in Palestine since 2007. to foster entrepreneurship, and enhance learning, internships, and job creation for 7000 potential entrepreneurs and serve start-up businesses in a facility of approximately 700 square meters.

An-Najah Business Incubator

The agriculture Development Association (PARC), is a Palestinian national development organization that is committed to rural and agriculture development and social justice. PARC was established in 1983, by a group of volunteers whose core mission was to develop the agriculture sector in Palestine…

The Agricultural Development Association (PARC)

Business and Technology Incubator –BTI– was established in 2006 at the Islamic University of Gaza to be the centre of creativity and innovation within the university. BTI aims at revitalizing entrepreneurship and innovation in Palestine…

Palestine TechnoPark

Hassib Sabbagh Information Technology Center of Excellence (HSITCE) is a non-profit organization that aims to develop the local community through the optimal use of information technology in the northern region of the West Bank.


An online platform that allows users to browse residential real-estate (whether for sale or renting), including student hostels and hotels in Palestine, and some non-residential real-estate like warehouses and offices, this is in hopes of raising and improving society…


A service that contributes the investment process and the show of land through an application that serves landowners and investors within West Bank borders and beyond…


Turqat eliminates the hassle that comes with vehicle ownership and maintenance. We make servicing vehicles adaptable to a fast-paced lifestyle by making vehicle assistance easy, fast, and safe.


Public opinion and data company. Any organization with a customer base, e.g., traditional for-profit companies selling products to consumers, governmental institutions providing services to citizens, or non-profit organizations advocating for certain causes and issues…


An application that provides healthcare services to variety of children population including those with delayed developmental milestones and those who are typically developed.


Gedu is an innovative solution that uses the serious games and digital transformation methods in enhancing education digitalization. It is a technology-based intervention for learning and cognitive development.

WHEELS is an online business to business solution targeting restaurants and home businesses. Wheels technology was developed locally to help adjust to the various market needs…


An online marketplace for authentic antique and vintage jewelry and art pieces inspired by the Arabic Language and Islamic Art


Tabibfind is a health platform on website and mobile application that gives quick and easy access to health care systems, anytime and anywhere in Palestine.


Crimson MENA is software that helps start-ups find access with a related consultant for establishing laws & regulations, financial assistance and management procedures.


“Be a Firefighter” is a Virtual Reality game that aims to spread awareness among people about the causes of fires and how to deal with them either to extinguish them…


Flowless provides smart solutions to help utility companies enhance water supply efficiency, utilizing emerging technologies for automated faults detection & process optimization.


Platform for Local Governments and loval Community Members that enables decentralized real-time civic engagement and aprticipatory local governance.