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An-Najah Business Incubator

The agriculture Development Association (PARC), is a Palestinian national development organization that is committed to rural and agriculture development and social justice. PARC was established in 1983, by a group of volunteers whose core mission was to develop the agriculture sector in Palestine, to strengthen the resilience and support farmers, to reach out to marginalized groups and their CBO’s, and mobilize and develop the capabilities of rural people to enable them to control their resources.

PARC main areas of work:
1. Natural Resource Management (land, water, environment).
2. Community resilience
3. Emergency and humanitarian response
4. Lobbying and advocacy (structural and systematic change)
5. Economic empowerment and social inclusion:
5.1 Income generation projects: individual, youth, collective groups, communities, women and mixed cooperatives, social enterprises, green enterprises)
5.2 Vocational and technical training (market/ self-employment)
5.3 Rural entrepreneurship (individual and collective): aggrotech, agribusiness, social enterprises, green enterprises.Ex: New product development, productivity, climate sensitive, youth employability, local market, and export oriented
5.4 High value chains (infrastructure development, market studies, social enterprises, gender analysis, entrepreneurship, Public Private Partnership (PPP), Market System Development (MSD), Market for Poor (M4P), Agricultural Technical and Vocational Educational Training (ATVET,)

Contact person:

Abdelrazzaq Alnatsheh

Organization name:

An-Najah Business Incubator


Incubation / acceleration:


Loans / debt financing:

Equity investments:


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