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Processed foods, pollution, work pressure, school pressure and so on are all factors that cause a lot of stress that is detrimental to health. So, it would be great to return to the habits of our ancestors in the use of aromatic and medicinal plants. Hence the idea of the project “TeaPAM”, which will be based in Ksar Jedid – Beni Khedache – Medenine in southern Tunisia and specializes in the production of herbal teas made from aromatic and medicinal plants. The project is essentially based on the extraordinary specificity of the area of Beni Khedache, given that the plants in these regions, they adapt to the rigid climates.

“TeaPAM” offers a wide range of 100% natural and organic products, packaged according to the rules of health, according to the international standards ISO.

Contractor’s name:

Samira Jarray



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Activity description:

Production of herbal teas based on aromatic and medicinal plants

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