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“Rahma Kaddachi”, a young entrepreneur gifted in art and Feng Shui, has been qualified for the final phase of the MEDSt@rts program funded by the European Union, where her project “LOTUS STORE” was selected among the best projects in handicrafts and eligible for a grant of 10 thousand euros.

The idea of the project LOTUS STORE is to manufacture and market decorative pieces, to ensure the packaging and to offer services of painting and decoration of walls and floors.

The young “Rahma Kaddachi” has brought innovation by making decorative pieces based on Feng Shui symbols and sacred geometry symbols; the packaging service for small businesses is also an important activity to package their products artistically and in an original way.

Customers who have tested the products offered by Lotus Store have proven their effectiveness in absorbing the electromagnetic waves emitted by electrical machines that are harmful to human health.

Contractor’s name:

Rahma Kaddachi



Project / Company name:


Company creation date:

In progress

Activity area:


Activity description:

Manufacture and market decorative pieces, packaging and services for painting and decorating walls and floors

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