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The Net Value (TNV), a coworking space for startups, freelancers and innovative companies, is a certified incubator founded in 2009 in Cagliari a city with a flourishing digital and entrepreneurial culture. The Net Value has become the focal point for the digital innovators of the city.

The Net Value supports entrepreneurs, not ideas, and helps them grow. It supports startups that are based in Sardinia, or that want to be based in Sardinia, with international potential. Joining its ecosystem means becoming part of the network and receiving the support you need to found and develop your own startup. It hosts over a hundred freelancers, startuppers and employees of innovative companies who work together in a dynamic, open, comfortable and stimulating environment. Its strength is creating connections and building ecosystems, starting with community members and professionals. TNV organizes digital culture events involving many of the city’s innovators. These appointments have become a well established routine that enriches the digital culture of the entire city and of those who become part of the TNV network.

The main incubator services are:
providing coworking space for startups, freelancers and innovative companies; providing an investment and incubation program, where we invest in startups and support them up to the first round of financing; organizing weekly events and workshops on digital culture and business, running the TNV Academy, with training and refresher courses on digital professions.

As a certified incubator and coworking space, The Net Value, in its more than ten years of activity, has provided over 100 companies, startups and individuals with consulting services, formation, investment, fundraising support, spaces and access to its network.

The Net Value takes an active role in promoting and diffusing the entrepreneurial culture in Sardinia. For this reason, for years, in addition to managing its own activities, The Net Value has collaborated with various entities to promote entrepreneurship at various levels through different ways including cyclically training young graduates, the unemployed and most recently even high school students.

TNV Academy.
Over two years ago The Net Value launched an Academy for the digital professions. The Cagliari ecosystem is growing, startups are hiring and digital companies in the area need talent. In our Academy, new students are cyclically trained both on purely technical topics with software development courses, and on non-IT disciplines, fundamental for today’s world, such as digital marketing, service and product design.

The Academy opened its doors to students in 2019 and in structuring its courses The Net Value is in constant contact with its partner companies and sponsors, who have requested either to train their employees or to train potential hirees. The companies can either pay The Net Value the entire registration fee for some of their employees or they give a contribution which is then used to decrease the price of the total registration fee for various students. To date, the TNV Academy has trained over 120 students

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