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Sfax Student Entrepreneur Center (PEES)

Sfax Student Entrepreneur Center (PEES) is the specialist center for supporting young entrepreneurs. Its programs mobilize the best professionals in the area to help students to make their ideas and projects a success.

the mission of the PEES is to raise awareness and train young talents in entrepreneurship and support them throughout the process of development or resumption of activity, It Offers innovative solutions to student entrepreneurs, Create bridges and synergies between establishments in the perimeter, Strengthen the link with the entrepreneurial ecosystem to legitimize the value offer (incubators, networks, start-ups, large companies, etc.). The PEES provides all students and graduates with projects with support adapted to the level of progress of the project. From the idea to creation and post-creation development, the PEES has a fairly large and expanded network of partners capable of supporting the student.

Contact person:

Mohamed Belhaj

Organization name:

Sfax Student Entrepreneur Center (PEES)


Incubation / acceleration:


Loans / debt financing:

Equity investments:



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