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A team of two energy engineers specialized in the production of hybrid solar panels has been qualified for the final phase of the EU-funded MEDSt@rts program, where the “CO-SOLAR” project was selected as one of the best eco-design projects and eligible for a 10 thousand euro subgrant.

The idea of the project was developed by Ing Mahmoud Hamami and Ing Yessin Boutabba, who are convinced that solar energy is a major key to success for the local and global economy.

The project consists in creating a company for the development and production of innovative technologies in the field of solar energy. The first product is a “CO-SOLAR” heat recuperator capable of cooling standard photovoltaic panels and recovering the heat released by the latter to use it in heating or drying circuits. The mission of the startup “CO-SOLAR” is to promote solar energy through technological innovations that will be offered to industries, farmers and residences in order to improve their energy efficiency.

Contractor’s name:

Mahmoud Hammami & Yessin Boutabba


25 / 26

Project / Company name:


Company creation date:


Activity area:

Eco conception

Activity descrition:

Production of innovative technological products related to solar energy

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