The Nawaya Network

The Nawaya Network works with youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to improve their livelihoods through entrepreneurship and employability programs.

Vitas S.A.L

Vitas Group created by Global Communities is a for-profit holding company that operates a network of microfinance companies, predominantly in the Middle East. We are a unique group of companies with more than twenty years of proven track record…

The LEE Experience Organization

The LEE Experience is a life and business transformation entity through attitude changes for individuals, organizations, and corporates in the MENA region focusing on Post conflict countries.

Berytech Foundation

Berytech is the ecosystem for entrepreneurs, providing a dynamic environment for the creation and development of startups and SMEs…

Al Majmouaa

Al Majmoua is an independent, Lebanese non-governmental organization, initially created as a micro-credit program by Save the Children in 1994 to finance low-income women entrepreneurs.

Safadi Foundation

The mission of Safadi Foundation is to empower vulnerable communities in Lebanon, with a focus on women and youth, to find sustainable solutions that will enable them to play a participatory role in the country’s national development process.

BIAT – Business Incubation in Tripoli

BIAT, a not-for-profit organization, was established with the assistance and back up of the Integrated SME support program, an EU funded project at the Ministry of Economy and Trade of Lebanon


R.Kanj wall art & craft(Decorative painter) : A showroom for decorative works and distinctive paints on interior ceilings and walls in homes and offices with a focus on distinctive works…


Soil sterilization device: A device that is eco-friendly to sterilize the soil in less time and cost. This device works with batteries, solar panels and electric circuit…


Green Female are Eco friendly interior designers offering an ecological sustainable, day to day made in Lebanon products designed with a smarter and flat – packed technique (knockdown).


GLOVI is the Prototyping and innovation of a bio medical machine that will be responsible to open the surgical gloves’ pack in a professional way to prevent the infection of the gloves by germs therefore decreasing the surgical site infections.


Miramar’s: craftsman to produce artifacts by using sea glass by recycling it and selling it in the form of accessories and antiques for the home (bracelets – earrings – paintings – customized product …).


JG foundation produces Al Baladi soap directly from farms to customers and the skin care line (Glowy skin) that is made from high quality natural ingredients


NIMAN is specialized in the innovation, production and distribution of garlic sauces and dips. To double to market of garlic byproducts they created ways for garlic lovers to consume garlic and use it in predefined food recipe.


Tripntap is an easy and convenient mobile application as well as a website that facilitates the journey for outdoor activities by maneuvering a seamless online platform that links eco-tourism lovers to trip organizers…


I Green: manufacturing a small device that use the ultraviolet light (UV) for sterilizing all surfaces (keyboard – phone …) or masks for reuse.


An energy consultation limited liability company, which provides the much needed expertise in the Lebanese market and regionally, to help in providing a smooth transition towards renewable energy.


Lana’s Taste of Home offers a great variety of healthy, homemade sweets that are mostly made with oat and with little or no sugar, given the benefits of oat and the disadvantages of sugar to people’s health.


Establishing a company concerned with robotics projects with useful goals and objectives in society, including in this health crisis a robot that works to confront all viruses and harmful bacteria, including the Coronavirus.


Lamssat Fan, maximizes the benefit and at the lowest possible cost, by recycling old/ used clothes in the so-called “Bales clothes” and surplus associations, into new clothes (especially for children and women).


A laboratory that contains equipment and apply international standard specifications for the Production of quality queen bees.


Cultivation of the Azolla plant to serve as a fodder for cattle like sheep and cows. This plant is grown once and continues for life, thus ensuring sustainability in accordance with the concept of food security.